Function and Responsibilities of the Company Secretary Throughout Meetings

The Company Secretary makes the setups for the conferences, consisting of AGMs, and keeps formal records of the team’s procedure and choices: the mins of the conference. This may include maintaining documents of correspondence.

 The Secretary’s tasks about the conferences of the Board of Supervisors and Shareholders prior to the conference is held, at the meeting and after the meeting are described listed below:

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Tasks of Company Secretary prior to the Meeting:

There are a variety of things that the secretary needs to understand before a meeting, a lot of which can quickly be discovered by asking the individual due to chair the meeting.

One of the most crucial are:

  • To compose the notification relating to the holding of the meeting in consultation with the chairman and issue at the right time.
  • In order to avoid the unauthorized individual to go to the general meetings of the shareholders, Admit Card may be provided to the members in addition to the notification of the meeting. The Secretary ought to see that such Admit Card is printed in time to allow him to send them to the members in addition to the notice.
  • If it is the conference of Board of Directors, he ought to prepare the schedule under the instructions of the chairman. If, nevertheless, it is the general meeting, he needs to prepare the program under the instructions of the Board in examination with the chairman. There might be other individuals who have a right to add things to the program.
  • The secretary has a role in ensuring that the schedule is not overloaded, which may include going over with the chair and others what might be postponed to a later conference, and what could be covered in a written record.
  • He ought to recognize which type of notes or mins are required (a) Formal Minutes that set out who claimed what, or (b) Quick Notes that videotape the predetermined activities.
  • He needs to recognize the moment framework for the manufacturing and circulation of notes or minutes after the meeting.
  • He should know the procedure for getting rid of the notes for magazine (a) Some chairs like to authorize minutes prior to they are sent out better. (b) Others prefer them to be distributed to several key participants at the very same time.
  • He should see that the case of the previous conference have been taped in the minute book.

It is additionally worth finding out who is expected to attend, the companies that they stand for, and some of the concerns which have been increased at previous conferences. This will certainly aid recognize what is going on. This can be done by considering previous minutes of meetings, and additionally asking the chair what is likely to be gone over. The company secretarial training is responsible for sending out the papers for the conference. This will certainly consist of, however is not restricted to, the schedule, the mins of the last meeting, and any kind of documents for conversation or information.